Technical tour

Offshore wind farms and 5MW WT in Kamisu city, Ibaraki Pref.

Itinerary plan:
8:30 AM Start from the Venue The University of Tokyo (at front of Sanjo Hall)
10:30-13:00 Offshore Wind Farm and Kashima port Fukashiba Wind Power station
13:30-14:30 Kashima Jingu sight seeing
18:00 Tokyo Station (Tentative schedule, depends on traffic condition)
18:30 Venue The University of Tokyo

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Wind Energy for World Acceptance

Facilitator : Prof. Makoto IIDA, The University of Tokyo
Nov. 2 9:30 – 12:00, Yasuda Auditorium

We regret to inform you that Work Shop should be canceled by reason of an epidemic disease (influenza) of the lecturers. 

31 October 2016(09:00~11:00) at Yasuda Auditorium (Room A)

Opening Ceremony: The New Role of Wind Power after Paris: Changing the Energy Landscape

Main content

Giving an overview of the status of wind power globally including latest trends, long-term scenarios,
opportunities and challenges.


  • Hon. Peter Rae AO (President, WWEA, Australia)
  • Prof. Chuichi Arakawa (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Introductory and keynote speeches:

  • Mr. Toshinao Nakagawa (Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan)
  • Dr. Harry Lehmann (General Director, Federal Environmental Agency, Germany)
  • Mr. Shigemoto Kajihara (Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Japan)
  • Dr. Robert K. Dixon (Director Strategic Programs, US Department of Energy, USA)
  • Mr. Francisco Boshell (IRENA, Germany)
  • Prof. Izumi Ushiyama (President, Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • Ms. Christine Lins (Executive Secretary, REN21, France)
  • Mr. Toshio Mori (Mayor, Tomamae Town, Japan)
  • Dr. Osman Benchikh (Former Head of Renewable Energy at UNESCO)
  • Mr. Manabu Takamoto (Director, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan)

Moderator: Mr. Stefan Gsänger (Secretary General, WWEA, Germany)

31 October 2016 (11:15~12:00) at Yasuda Auditorium (Room A)

  •  Prof. Reza Abhari (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
      “Lowering Risk in Downwind Turbine Design”
  • Prof. Gundula Hübner (Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, MSH Medical School Hamburg, Germany)
      “Engineering, design and psychology – A synergetic approach to promote wind energy”
  • Prof. Hideyuki Suzuki (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
      “Research and Development of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines in Japan”

  Moderator: Prof. Chuichi Arakawa (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

1 November 2016 (09:00~10:30) at Yasuda Auditorium (Room A)

Renewables working together – the role of wind power in a renewable energy supply

  •  Hon. Peter Rae AO (President, WWEA, Australia)
  •  Dr. Osman Benchikh (Former Head of Renewable Energy at UNESCO)
  •  Dr. Harry Lehmann (General Director, Federal Environmental Agency, Germany)
  •  Dr. Ibrahim Togola (Malifolkecenter, Mali)
  •  Mr. Wu Gang (Chairman, Goldwind Science & Technology, China)
  •  Prof. Monica Oliphant AO (Past President, International Solar Energy Society, Australia)
  •  Dr. Hironao Matsubara (ISEP, Japan)
  •  Dr. Robert K. Dixon (Director Strategic Programs, US Department of Energy, USA)

Moderator: Mr. Stefan Gsänger (Secretary General, WWEA, Germany)

1 November 2016 (10:45~12:15) at  Sanjo Conference Hall(Room E)
E-3: UBA Side Event:  
German wind power policies

Speaker Institution Presentation title Time
Dr. Harry Lehmann (Chair) German Environment Agency (UBA) Energy policy in Germany with focus on wind energy 15 min
Prof. Gundula Hübner Universität Halle Acceptance and perception 10 min
Dr. Jana Bovet UFZ Leipzig Spatial Planning framework for on shore wind energy in Germany 10 min
Dr. Thorsten Ebert Kassler Verkehrsgesellschaft AG Energy transition in Northern Hesse – Challenges and potentials in electricity, heat and transport markets 10 min
Prof. Dr. Klaus Kuhnke i.R. Hochschule Osnabrück The role of Renewable Energy cooperatives and inverstors groups 10 min
Steffen Brauns Enercon ENERCON-More than 30 years successful business in Germany 10 min
Discussion 15 min

1 November 2016 (13:45~15:15) at  Sanjo Conference Hall(Room E)
E-4: IRENA Side Event:  Innovation Technology Outlook for Offshore Wind Technology


Facilitator: Stefan Gsänger (WWEA)

Jean-Daniel Pitteloud (WWEA)
“Offshore wind – the global picture. Basic statistics”

Francisco Boshell (IRENA)
“Innovation Outlook for Offshore Wind Technology”

Offshore wind
 – Country Status, Prospects and Challenges

  • Japan:
    Masaharu Itoh (NEDO)
  • Republic of Korea:
    Choong-Yul Son (Korea Wind Energy Industry Association)
  • United Kingdom:
    Jan Matthhiesen (Carbon Trust)
  • The Netherlands:
    Gerard J. W. van Bussel (Delft University of Technology)
  • Germany:
    Jan-Christoph Hinrichs (Aerodyn)

Panel discussion:

Facilitator: Stefan Gsänger (WWEA)


Stefan Gsänger (WWEA)

1 November 2016 (17:00~18:00) at Yasuda Auditorium (Room A)

Conference Conclusion and Closing Ceremony

Main content

This session will summarize and conclude the conference and its main findings and will summarize the main challenges the global wind community is facing. It will propose next steps and introduce Sweden as the host of the WWEC2017. Also the World Wind Energy Award 2016 will be handed over and the WWEC2016 Conference Declaration will be presented.

Summarizing the WWEC2016: Views from Japan, the WWEA Technical Committee and from an honorary guest:

  •  Prof. Chuichi Arakawa (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  •  Dr. Jami Hossain (Chair Technical Committee, WWEA, India)
  •  Dr. Franz Alt (Journalist, Germany)

Awards ceremony:

Presentation and Poster awards
World Wind Energy Award 2016

  • by Hon. Peter Rae AO (President, WWEA, Australia) and Dr. Preben Maegaard (President emeritus, WWEA, Denmark)

WWEC2016 Conference Declaration

Presentation of the host of the WWEC2017

by Ms. Ulla Hedmann Andrén (Director of Operations, Swedish Windpower Association, Sweden)

Mr. Stefan Gsänger (Secretary General, WWEA, Germany)
Prof. Makoto Iida (The University of Tokyo, Japan)


A-1 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
[Invited Speaker]
European R&D cooperation in wind power technologyDr. Peter Hauge MadsenDepartment of Wind Energy, the Technical University of Denmark
A-1-23D analysis of a straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine by panel methodMs. Alisa NakaiMie University
A-1-3Evaluation of wind turbine wake simulation focusing on grid resolutionMr. Keita KimuraThe University of Tokyo
A-1-4Wind-powered Thermal Energy System (WTES), which employs direct thermal conversion and thermal energy storageDr. Toru OkazakiThe Institute of Applied Energy
[Invited Speaker]
Advanced aerodynamic rotor control options: Flaps, Plasma's and modern stall controlProf. Gerard J.W. van BusselDelft University of Technology
A-1-6Aerodynamic Loads of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines in Realistic Operational Conditions and Loads Mitigation Using Individual Pitch ControlsDr. Yasutada TanabeJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
A-1-7Detailed wind inflow measurements using a nine-beam nacelle lidarDr. Hirokazu KawabataAdvanced industrial science and technology

A-2 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
A-2-1Hywind – Delivering the future technology to the worldDr. Rajnish SharmaStatoil
A-2-2Scale-up of wind turbine sizes and their impact on key floating offshore wind technologiesMr. Bruno G GeschierIDEOL
A-2-3Initial comparison of concrete and steel hulls in the case of Ideol’s square ring floating substructureMr. Thomas ChoisnetIDEOL
A-2-4Floating Offshore Wind with SCDnezzy 8.0 MWMr. Jan-christoph Hinrichsaerodyn engineering gmbh
A-2-5Being Holistic on the path to cost reduction for offshore wind     What can we learn from each other to create a global offshore wind industry?Mr. Jan MatthiesenCarbon Trust
A-2-6Japan: Steps towards market maturity and cost reductionMr. Magnus Christian EbbesenDNV GL
A-2-7Perspective on Offshore Wind in JapanMr. Yoichi OdaSenior Project Manager, MITSUI GLOBAL STRATEGIC STUDIES
A-2-8Measuring system and records of a 2MW floating offshore wind turbineDr. Shigesuke IshidaNational Maritime Research Institute

A-3 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
A-3-1Advanced Reseach Report for Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine with Double Pitch Control mechanismProf. Dr. Yukimaru ShimizuNagoya Sangyo University
A-3-2Performance Prediction of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine using CFDProf. Masami SuzukiUniversity of the Ryukyus
A-3-3Load Analysis of the Two-Bladed Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine by HILSDr. Shigemitsu AokiNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
A-3-4Numerical Analysis of a small HAWTDr. Noriki IwanagaResearch Center of Computational Mechanics,Inc.
A-3-5A study evaluating a wind condition model for the generator output variation of a grid-connected small wind turbineMr. Ryo KobayashiThe University of Tokyo

A-4 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
A-4-1Local preferences for distributional and procedural justice in wind energy projects: Insights from a Choice ExperimentDr. Nele LienhoopHelmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
A-4-2Does economic participation in wind power plants increase acceptance? Remarks regarding a law providing citizens and communities financial participation in the development of wind energy.Dr. Jana BovetHelmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH - UFZ
A-4-3Ordinance for Local Governance of Wind Energy Projects: Case Study in JapanProf. Yasushi MaruyamaNagoya University
A-4-4Added value of offshore wind farms: Ideas of elementary school studentsDr. Memi MotosuNagoya University
A-4-5Risk Communication Process for Japanese Offshore Wind ProjectsDr. Ayano TakeuchiToho University

A-5 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
[Invited Speaker]
Full test of grid connected floating wind turbine : The European Project FloatgenProf. Bertrand AlessandriniEcole Centrale Nantes
A-5-2Dynamic response characteristic of a spar type offshore wind turbine secured on seabedMr. Eiji HirokawaThe University of Tokyo
A-5-3Hydrodynamic response of a semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine: Numerical modelling and validationDr. Shining ZhangThe University of Tokyo

B-1 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
B-1-1Harvesting the wind far offshore - combination of floating offshore wind and offshore hydrogen production.Dr. Per Christer LundNorwegian Embassy in Singapore
B-1-3Offshore Wind Farm Planning and Future View in Hokkaido, JapanProf. Satoru ShiraishiHokkaido University of Science
B-1-4Aero-Hydro-Elastic Analysis of 5MW Semi-submersible Floating Wind turbine in Shallow WatersMr. Fuminori HiokiWind Energy Institute of Tokyo, Inc.
B-1-5Six new concepts for reducing the cost of offshore wind turbinesMr. Yasuo UenoJWEA (indivdual member)
B-1-6Certification before standards for Innovative Offshore TechnologiesMr. Johan SlätteDNV GL
B-1-7Outline of the dynamic analysis procedure in NK-UTWind ver5.0 for offshore floating wind turbine certificationDr. Sho OhClassNK
B-1-8The effect of control logic on wind turbine tower loadMr. Iman YousefiThe University of Tokyo
B-1-9Windpower ”on the rocks” projects in ScandinaviaDr. Tore WizeliusWind4shore AB

B-2 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
[Invited Speaker]
Downwind Rotor Technologies for Large Scale Offshore Wind TurbinesProf. Shigeru YoshidaKyushu University
B-2-2Investigation on effect of tower type on downwind turbinesDr. Bernhard StoevesandtFraunhofer IWES
B-2-3Aerodynamic Blade Design Considerations due to Tower Effect on Upwind and Downwind TurbinesDr. Xabier MunduateCENER
[Invited Speaker]
Multi Rotor Systems for Large Scale Offshore Wind PowerDr. Peter JamiesonStrathclyde University
B-2-5Wake Deflection in Long Distance from a Yawed Wind TurbineMr. Yuta UemuraTokyo University of Science
B-2-6Fundamental Research on Wake Structure of a Simple Vertical-Axis WindmillMr. Tomohiro TokiwaDoshisha University

B-3 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
B-3-1An optimal floating structure?Mr. Are KaspersenDNV GL
B-3-2Blade Pitch Control of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine by a Modern ControlMr. Ken HanedaNational Maritime Research Institute
B-3-3Model tests of the Floating Axis Wind Turbine (FAWT)Mr. Hiromichi AkimotoGraduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Albatross Technology LLC
B-3-4Proposal of Common floating station with Triangle connection and Rectangular link mechanism for Offshore wind farm with VAWT in deep sea and Evaluation of VAWT with Flip-up mechanism and Movable leading edge slatMr. Tatsuhiko NagataIndividual
B-3-6Passive cooling system for 5MW downwind turbineMr. Shigehisa FunabashiHitachi, Ltd.

B-4 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
B-4-1A new concept of tension leg platform for a floating offshore wind turbineDr. Hidero HayashiObayashi Corporation
B-4-2A study on the joint probability distribution of wind and waveDr. Jun TanemotoThe University of Tokyo (current affiliation: Wind Energy Institute of Tokyo Inc.)
B-4-3Development of Offshore Wind Turbine Floating StructureMr. Masao KomatsuMitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD
B-4-4Collective Pitch Feedforward Control of a 10 MW Floating Wind Turbines Using LidarDr. David SchlipfStuttgart Wind Energy
B-4-5At-sea Demonstration Test for Cost-reduction of Mooring System for Floating Wind TurbineProf. Tomoaki UtsunomiyaKyushu University
B-4-6Engineering aerodynamic models for floating offshore wind turbineMr. Qi QiGoldwind and Unversity of Strathclyde
B-4-7The importance of design verification of floating offshore wind projectsMr. Carl SixtenssonDNV GL

B-5 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
B-5-1Impact assessment of terrain turbulence to wind turbine fatiguMr. Soichiro KiyokiHitachi, Ltd.
B-5-2Typhoon Wind Condition Analysis - A Case Study to the 2MW Wind Turbine during the Typhoon Soulder in 2015Prof. Jui-hung LiuSouthern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
B-5-3Bird Detection near Wind Turbines from High-resolution Video using LSTM NetworksMr. Tu Tuan TrinhGraduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
B-5-4Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Initiative for Environmental Risk Mitigation of Wind Power Projects Development Case Study: Egypt, Gulf of SuezDr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz Mohamed BadrRegional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

C-1 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
C-1-1A Fundamental Study and Factor Analysis on System Health Monitoring of Wind Turbines Using SCADADr. Akihisa YasudaResearch Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
C-1-2Key Performance Indicators for Wind Farm's Operation and Maintenance: a sistematic literature review and proposal of a conceptual model for implementationProf. Mario Orestes Aguirre GonzálezFederal University of Rio Grande do Norte
C-1-4Technologies for the structural health management of Hitachi-wind turbine systemDr. Yasuki KitaHitachi,Ltd. ,Research & Development Group
C-1-5Condition Based Maintenance of Wind Turbines by 24 / 7 Monitoring of Oil Quality, Oil Aging and Additive Consumption: Identification of critical operation conditions & determination of the next oil exchangeDr. Mauntz Manfredcmc Instruments GmbH
C-1-6Development and Evaluation of Vibration-based Anomaly Detection System Using Actual Wind Turbine DataDr. Jun OgataNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
C-1-7Life Time Extension: How to maximize the return of investmentMr. Santiago Lopez CamblorUL International GmbH
C-1-8Failure rate and downtime analysis for wind turbine by using failure and accident surveyMr. Hirotaka OkumotoE&E Solutions Inc

C-2 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
C-2-1A verification of the FRT (Fault Ride Through) capability for 5MW wind turbine systemMr. Yuta ItoHitachi, Ltd.
C-2-2Study the effect of the grid and the connected distribution generators on IEC 61400-21 power quality assessment of the wind turbine under studyMr. Ali Mahmoud KhazmaDepartment of Electrical Power and Machines, Cairo University, Giza, Cairo, Egypt
C-2-3A Novel Optimization Method for Wind Power Integration in a Hybrid Renewable Energy SystemMr. Ulas Baran BalogluTunceli University
C-2-4Techno-economic Evaluation and Electricity Tariff Sensitivity Analysis of Wind Energy Based Industrial Microgrid with Third-Party Ownership and Power Purchase Agreement Business ModelMr. Solomon Netsanet AlemuNorth China Electric Power University (PhD student) and Goldwind Science & Tech Co. Ltd (Intern)

C-3 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
[Invited Speaker]
Design and Optimization of Wind Systems through a Systems Engineering ApproachDr. Rick DamianiNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA
C-3-2MRS using DAWTs for power increaseMr. Akio MunakataDepartment of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Kyushu University 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan
C-3-3Re-Powering of Wind Farms: State of ArtMr. Manoj VermaMaulana Azad National Institute of Technology
C-3-4Flow field elucidation of the rotary column with fins and lift enhancement of Magnus windmillDr. Nobuhiro MurakamiMECARO Co.Ltd.
C-3-5Arrangements of three diffuser augmented wind turbines in a multi-rotor systemMr. Uli GöltenbottDepartment of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Kyushu University 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan
C-3-6Air Borne Wind Energy Generation on Tethered SystemProf. Hironori FujiiTMIT Research Center
C-3-7Optimum Design Configuration of Ribbon Wheel Type Wind TurbineMr. Eliud KipropAshikaga Institute of Technology

C-4 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
C-4-2Experimental Investigation and Simulation of Effect of Turbulence Intensity on Performance of Horizontal Axis Wind TurbineMr. Sang Quang LeFluid Engineering Laboratory, Mie University
C-4-3Severe conditions and complexity of Mongolia's 1st Wind FarmMr. Ts SukhbaatarClean Energy LLC
C-4-4Wind Power Project in BhutanMr. Ruka OgawaRenewable Energy Business Department, KOMAI HALTEC Inc.

C-5 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
C-5-1Proposal of Extreme Wave Height Estimation Formula for IEC61400-3Dr. Kenji ShimadaShimizu Corporation
C-5-2On the application of large-eddy simulation to the micro-siting of wind turbines on a complex geographyDr. Keisuke NakaoCentral Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
C-5-3A wind tunnel experimental study on wind turbine blade icing by using natural low temperature in cold region of ChinaProf. Yan LiEngineering College, Northeast Agricultural University
C-5-4Summarization of Anti-typhoon Technology of Mingyang Mega-Watt Wind TurbineMr. Zou LibingGuang Dong Ming Yang Wind Power Group

D-1 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
D-1-1Wind Potential Map in El SalvadorDr. Tsutomu DeiAshikaga Institute of Technology
D-1-2Wind resource analysis in consideration of wind turbine wake on complex terrainMr. Shoichi TanakaToshiba Corporation
D-1-3Estimation of Probability Distribution Function and Wind Energy PotentialProf. Siraj Ahmed KhanMaulana Azad National Institute of Technology
D-1-4Numerical site calibration procedure for power performance testing of wind turbineDr. Yuko UedaWind Energy Institute of Tokyo Inc.
D-1-5The wind power potential in low wind speed regions of ChinaProf. Rong ZhuNational Climate Center of China Meteorological Administration
D-1-6Applicability of k-ε model and LES model on prediction of turbulent flow field over transition region of treesDr. Yihong QiThe University of Tokyo
D-1-7The assessment of offshore extreme wind speeds on the western coast in TaiwanDr., Mr. Shih-kai CiouSinotech Engineering Consultants, LTD.
D-1-8Mitigation of crossover phenomena of wind speed scaling analysis based on season divisionDr. Wang XianxunState Key Laboratory of Water Resource and Hydropower Engineering Science, Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei, China

D-2 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
D-2-1Application of Remote Sensing in Wind Resource Assessment:  A Comparative AnalysisDr. Vilas WarudkarMAULANA AZAD NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BHOPAL MADHYA PRADESH
D-2-2Fabrication study on CFRP lightweight vertical axis wind turbanMr. Endo HirokiKyushu Sangyo University
D-2-3A Hybrid Method Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and Pipelined Recurrent Neural Networks for Wind Speed ForecastingMs. Quan LongGas Turbine Institute, Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University

D-3 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
D-3-1Periodic Safety Management InspectionsMr. Takashi MatsunobuHitachi Ltd.
D-3-2Prognostic Model to analyze the effects of REWITEC® nano coating treatment of wind turbine gearboxesMr., Dipl.-Ing. Stefan BillREWITEC GmbH
D-3-3Simulating O&M strategies for offshore wind farms by O2MMr. Yukinobu UchidaDNV GL AS, Japan Branch
D-3-4Vibration analysis on rolling bearing fault of wind turbine unitMr. Yizhou YangGas Turbine Institute, Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University
D-3-5Taikoyama Wind Farm Fatigue Failure Accident Analysis Based on Aerodynamic and FEM ModellingDr. Yin Liuthe University of Tokyo

D-4 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
D-4-1Effects of the arm cross-sectional shape on the aeroacoustic noise of a straight-bladed vertical-axis wind turbineMr. Yoshiki SaitoKanazawa University
D-4-2Development of rotation flow VAWT for pumping systemMr. Takashi Shida-
D-4-3Micro SAVONIUS for remote AreaMr. Gunatilake ChinthakeSocioRecur Co. Ltd.
D-4-4Experimental Study on the Effects of Relative Rotor Location to Duct Exit on Energy Recovery from Duct-Exhaust Flow Using a Butterfly Wind TurbineMr. Makoto KawanishiTottori University
D-4-5Study of a casing with two flow deflector plates for performance improvement of a cross-flow wind turbine by CFD analysesProf. Tadakazu TaninoKurume National College of Technology
D-4-6Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Orthopter-type wind turbine in a shear flowMr. Taiki Sugawarakanazawa university

D-5 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
D-5-1Performance Prediction of Triangular-Blade Butterfly Wind Turbine with  Mechanical Over-Speed Control SystemMr. Masahiro OkutaniTottori University
D-5-2Numerical Analysis of Flow Field around an Endplate of Straight-Blade Vertical Axis Wind TurbineDr. Yutaka HaraTottori University
D-5-3Optimum Configuration of Wind-Diesel Hybrid System -Case Study in Baragoi, Samburu County, Kenya-Mr. Sirengo Humphrey KhisaAshikaga Institute of Technology

E-1 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
[Invited Speaker]
Brazil as the New Latin American Wind Power LocomotiveProf. Dr. Everaldo Alencar FeitosaPresident, Eolica Tecnologia, Brazil
[Invited Speaker]
Current status and Future prospects of Korea RPS system (RPS : Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard)Prof. Dr.-ing. Choong-Yul SonTechnical Advisor, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, KWEIA
E-1-3Development and Realisation of Wind Energy Projects in Emerging MarketsDr. Patric KleineidamLahmeyer International GmbH, Bad Vilbel, Germany
[Invited Speaker]
Barriers and Opportunities for Rapid Employment of Wind Farms in TurkeyProf. Dr. Tanay Sıdkı UYAREnergy Section, Marmara University Turkey
E-1-5Transition of renewable energy policies and vision of 100% renewable energy region in JapanDr. Hironao MatsubaraInstitute for Sustainable Energy Policies
E-1-6Accelerating Wind Power Deployment in Pakistan: Capacity Building and Policy SolutionMr. Muhammad Zeeshan AshfaqWorld Wind Energy Association

E-2 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
[Invited Speaker]
Current situation and prospects of renewable energy sources in Cuba focusing on wind energyProf. Dr. Conrado MorenoCenter for Study of Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER), Cuban Society for Renewable Energy Promotion and Environmental Respect (CUBASOLAR)
E-2-2Example Dardesheim/Germany - Communities realizing 100 % renewable energy solutionsMr. Heinrich BarteltGeneralWind GmbH
E-2-3Paving the way to large-scale wind power developments: Morocco’s pre-COP22 policiesMr. Khalid BenhamouSahara Wind
[Invited Speaker]
Wind Power in Egypt: Supplying Power and Water for the Largest Arabic CountryProf. Dr. Galal OsmanCairo University, Egypt
E-2-5Wind Energy Growth In India - An OverviewDr. P KanagavelNational Institute of Wind Energy

E-5 Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
E-5-1Aiming for Success Case Creation of Offshore Wind Farms in JapanProf. Toshihiko NagaiExecutive of ECOH Co. and Visiting Professor of Nagoya University
E-5-3How to Achieve Local Acceptance for the Expansion of Onshore Wind Power while Supporting Local Development, Energy Democracy and Lower Electricity PricesMr. Leire GorroñoNordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy
E-5-4How social outcomes are intrinsically linked to Australia’s wind future. Ms. Taryn LaneHepburn Wind, Embark Australia & The Australian Wind Alliance

Poster Session Abstract

SessionTitlePresenter nameAffiliation
PS-A-1A Tethered Airborne Wind Turbine SystemMr. Allen Kwok Fai ChanIndependant Inventor
PS-A-2Unsteady wake analysis of horizontal axis wind turbine rotors with reduced calculation loadMr. Kazuki KubotaNagoya Institute of Technology
PS-A-3Theoretical-Numerical Analyze of the Performance of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Movable BladesMs. Willmari Dayana SuarezUNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE ITAJUBA - UNIFEI
PS-A-4Building Integrated Wind TurbineMr. Allen Kwok Fai ChanIndependant Inventor
PS-A-5An innovative wind / water turbine with circular cylinder propeller driven by longitudinal vortexProf. Tsutomu TakahashiNagaoka University of Technology
PS-A-6Experimental studies on load suppression of wind turbine by Lidar associated controlMr. Atsushi SawakiMie University
PS-A-7Study on 3D effect on aerodynamic performance of a straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine by CFD simulationsMr. Kento ShimizuMie University
PS-A-8Multi-Rotor Ducted Wind TurbineMr. Allen Kwok Fai ChanIndependent Inventor
PS-A-9Wind tunnel study on the surface flow characteristics of a rotating blade of a horizontal axis wind turbine in three-dimensional analysisMr. Noriaki SugimotoMie University
PS-A-10Effect of plasma actuator on the flow field characteristic of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine in wind tunnel experimentsMr. Atsushi FujiwaraMie University
PS-B-1Wind Power Simulation and Analysis Incorporating Highly-Resolved Weather Prediction and Measurement Data of JapanMr. Fredrik RaakKyoto University
PS-B-2Taut Mooring Method at Shallow Water for Floating WindmillMr. Katsunori NakanoIDEOL
PS-B-3Model Predictive Control for Reducing Power Output Fluctuations and Platform Motions in a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine-Generator SystemDr. Tetsuya WakuiOsaka Prefecture University
PS-B-4The validation of the motion performance of the advanced spar type floaterMr. Haruki YoshimotoJapan Marine United Corporation
PS-B-5Moving and ReInstallation of Hybrid Spar Type Floating Offshore Wind TurbineDr. Iku SatoTODA CORPORATION
PS-C-1Stakeholder Management and Legal Procedures for Setting Up Offshore Wind Projects in General Sea AreaProf. Kimiaki YasudaNagoya University
PS-C-2Mapping Local Climate Protection and Regional Development ProjectsDr. Daniel KremersGerman Institute for Japanse Studies (DIJ)
PS-C-3Study on Acceptance in the Context of Absence of Local Participation to Wind Energy: Case studies in rural area of ChinaDr. Qian WangNagoya University
PS-D-1A comparative performance study of Different Wind farm layout Configurations on a flat terrain of Kayathar, India.Dr. Vilas WarudkarMaulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal
PS-D-2Site Specific Evaluation Methods by Aero-elastic Wind Turbine and LES Time Variant Wind Models CombinedProf. Shigeo YoshidaKyushu University/Research Institute for Applied Mechnicals
PS-D-3CFD Simulations of Wind Turbines in Complex TerrainMr. Omar Mohamed Ali Mohamed IbrahimKyushu University/Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Science
PS-D-4Stereo videography for bird impact assessmentDr. Toru TakeuchiCentral Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
PS-E-2A study of the turbulence and gust by the LES wind simulation of the complex terrain with the atmospheric stabilityDr. Takeshi KamioThe University of Tokyo
PS-E-3A Comparison of different LiDAR Systems in measuring Wind Characteristics at Complex Terrain SiteMr. Nobutoshi NishioThe University of Tokyo Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies
PS-F-1Impact of multi-model ensembles on probabilistic forecasts of wind power ramps in JapanDr. Masamichi OhbaCentral research institute of electric power industry
PS-F-2Probabilistic Prediction of Wind Speed Ramp Events using a Regional Ensemble Prediction MethodDr. Daisuke NoharaCentral Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
PS-F-3How can we use Doppler LIDAR with simulation model in offshore wind resource assessment? (Vertical Doppler LIDAR and CFD model)Mr. Mizuki KonagayaE&E Solutions Inc.
PS-F-4Accuracy comparison between multiple models of vertical wind Doppler LIDARMr. Toshinari MitoE&E Solutions Inc.
PS-G-1Experimental study on the air resistance of the aerodynamic brake of gyro-mill type vertical axis wind turbineProf. Yoshiaki TanzawaDept. of Products Engineering & Environmental Management, Nippon Institute of Technology
PS-G-2Research of electric power regeneration using automotive cooling fan (Validity evaluation of fan-turbine system)Dr. Shinichi OdaNagoya Institute of Technology
PS-G-3Study on Flow Field of a Straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine by Wind Tunnel and Field ExperimentMr. Tatsuhiko OgasawaraMie University
PS-G-4The Development of An Innovative Small Wind Power GeneratorDr. Ming Chun HsiehDept. Electronic Engineering, Kun Shan University
PS-I-1Effect of leading-edge protuberances on the aerodynamic performance of airfoilMr. Masahiro MorimotoMie University
PS-I-2Concealed Multi-Rotor Ducted Wind TurbineMr. Allen Kwok Fai ChanIndependent Inventor
PS-I-3Gravity Induced In-plane Self-excitation of 2-bladed Flexible RotorProf. Shigeo YoshidaKyushu University/Research Institute for Applied Mechnicals
PS-I-4Inflow Coherence Effects on Multi-Rotor Wind Turbine SystemProf. Shigeo YoshidaKyushu University/Research Institute for Applied Mechnicals
PS-I-5Influences of Rotor Thrust on Tower Shadow Effects of Downwind TurbinesProf. Shigeo YoshidaKyushu University/Research Institute for Applied Mechnicals
PS-I-6System Identification and Control of Airborne Kite Power SystemMr. Tarek Naeem Mohammed DiefKyushu University/Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Science
PS-I-7CFD Analyses of Stall Characteristics of DU96-W180 Wind Turbine AirfoilMr. Amr M HalawaKyushu University/Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Science